Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When I need tops...

It seems the roles of clothing in my life have turned.  I was once always in need of pants.  I could never seem to find any that fit right.  It was a tiresome process... so, I often found myself leaving a store with many tops.  Now, it seems I have all sorts of pants and not a single top to wear with them.  SO FRUSTRATING!  It really bugs me.  So, I happened over to the website of one of my favorite stores.  Let's not kid ourselves here... I'm a big girl on a small budget.  I'm not afraid to admit that I LOVE Maurices!  Here are some of my favorite finds.  Best believe I'm buying one, if not all, of these when I get paid!

 Scroll Print Jewel Embellished Lace Back Tank, $32
Sequin Front Tank, $32

Foiled Tribal Print Burnout Tank, $28

Cinched Striped Top with Rosettes, $30

 Belted Smock Waist 2Fer, $36

And because I'm always looking for that perfect dress... I really want to try this one of for size!
Sequin Waist Dress with Hike Up Hem, $59

All these and many more can be found at
(and no, I get no gifts from these people.  I just enjoy sharing what I like.)

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