Friday, January 4, 2013

Music Review: Eden Espinosa's "Look Around"

As promised, here is my review of Eden Espinosa's album "Look Around."

By Song:

  1. "I'm Not That Girl" -- This is a beautiful arrangement of the Wicked song. So full of heart. Definitely a great way to start the album.
  2. "Stone Cold Sober" -- It's nice to hear a rougher, more pop (almost rock even) sound from Eden. It's a nice change from her Broadway sound.
  3. "Petrified" -- This song fits perfectly after "Stone Cold Sober." It also has that rougher sound. It is a very relatable song. One that anyone who is feeling a little down can understand. Though, it is mostly lower than we are used to her singing don't be fooled. Those high points are definitely still there.
  4. "I Know the Truth" -- One of my favorite songs from Aida. It hasn't been rearranged very much but simplicity of the sound is beautiful. It is possibly even more haunting than it is in the show's arrangement. You can really picture Eden sitting on a stool in a very intimate concert venue performing this song as you listen to it, and there's no other sound but her voice and the guitar. Wonderful.
  5. "I Miss the Mountains" -- The first verse is beautiful and melodic. The change into the chorus seems to pick up a little too quickly for me. I would've liked to stay in the soft place a little longer, but it fits the story being told.
  6. "With You" -- Anyone who has been through a heartbreak, lost a loved one, etc. will completely relate to this song. It's not as haunting as her version of "I Know the Truth" but it is a beautiful song. When the tempo picks up at the bridge you aren't thrown by it. It's the moment of rage or denial you feel in that sort of heartbreak. Really lovely.
  7. "Once Upon A Time" -- We know it so well. It is synonymous with Eden. The arrangement is different and dreamy. It feels very childlike. It's not the belty version we all know. It is very different. I would compare it to an upbeat lullaby.
  8. "One Song Glory" -- I love the beginning of this song. The building of the song. How will it sound? How does it all fit together? Each instrument... each note... each chord? It's beautiful. Her voice comes through soft and haunting. The instruments build as the song progresses, finding their place in the mix. One of my favorite RENT songs just became even more precious to me. The moment the back-up vocals came in I got chills.
  9. "Look Around" -- The title song is beautiful and simple. It is a perfect ending to the album.


I found this album to be very enjoyable. It flowed nicely from one song to the next. It's a nice acoustic album for anyone who enjoys that sort of sound. It's not the high belty stuff we've come to know her for, but I didn't expect it to be. It's simple. You want to hear more of her voice even after the album ends. My favorite songs were "I Know the Truth" and "One Song Glory." They are absolutely beautiful arrangement. I definitely recommend this album to anyone who enjoys musical theatre or acoustic sounds. It's definitely for you. I'd have to give it a 4 out of 5 glitter rating.

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