Sunday, October 20, 2013

Drunken Real Talk

I used to think I'd never get over _______. Then, I thought I'd never get over ______. In the middle of all that, there was you. I was so infatuated with #1 that I completely glazed over the time I had with you. After you, I was so enthralled with #1, #2, and #3 that I completely forgot about you.  I've spent so much time focused on them that I completely missed and forgot what I had and what I possibly still could have. I never gave us a chance, and now I realize what a mistake that was. I was so wrapped up in what was and what could be that I missed what was happening right in front of me. 

Since then, I have determined that it wasn't you. You weren't the reason I couldn't move on. You weren't the one I was hung up on. That's how it's been. I've blamed everyone else for my inability to move on. I'm not blaming you now. I'm honestly not. The problem lies within me. Maybe I'm incapable of admitting that I am the problem.  No, I admit that. I've held onto you so tightly. I've always hoped that one day we'd find our way back to one another. Maybe I wasn't able to admit I was/possibly still am in love with you. No, that's not it. I told you when we were together. I'm posting this now. Maybe I just wasn't brave enough to step out of the closet, as it were, and own up to what was really happening. Yes! That is it.

At the time, I was too afraid to give up my family, my friends, the life I knew and had always known to be with you. At the time, I was afraid... lost. I wasn't able to accept myself, which means I wasn't able to accept you as part of my life. I wasn't able to face myself, but now that I am, it is too late.

You've moved on.  You seem to be happy, and I am happy for you. But all I have are questions I am too afraid to ask. All I have are memories and images of what was and what could've been.  I'm sorry I failed you. I'm sorry I failed us. I just hope that one day you'll read this and realize how sorry I am for all of it. Maybe you'll realize how much you changed my life. Maybe one day you'll know how I really feel/felt. And... maybe one day I'll be able to move on.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ouch... Oooowww... Ouch!

Hello, everyone! I decided to write a quick update while I'm at work. Today feels like it is never going to end. I thought this might help to pass the time.

Rehearsals are going well. We've made a lot of progress on the dancing, and oh boy do I feel it! Not only do I feel it... I can see it. I've lost 2 inches off my waist since we began rehearsals on July 1st. That is just awesome. The part of feeling it, however, is not so awesome.

8 hours standing on concrete per day + 2-4 hours of dance per night = one very messed up back.

Yesterday, I was working in one of the stores instead of video training like I am today. Well, I bent over to get a pan of bread out of the bread cart and got stuck in a bent position. This is not a joke nor an exaggeration. I was stuck for a while before I could fully straighten out again. I looked like The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It was terrible. I'm sure it was hysterical to look at, but the pain was deadly. I hadn't felt good all day, and once this happened I thought, "I may have to go home, but I don't have the vacation days to spare." Honestly, I wasn't sure I would make it through the day, but I did.

When I woke up this morning, I still didn't feel any better. In fact, I felt worse. I still feel awful. It hurts to sit, stand, walk. There's not enough Ibuprofen in the world to make me not feel pain today. I'm hoping whatever is wrong will heal on its own very soon. I cannot afford to miss work or rehearsal.

Speaking of rehearsal, we have our first blocking rehearsal tonight.  I am so excited, except for the persistent pain. I love blocking rehearsals. I always feel so accomplished after it is all blocked. They are my favorites. I'm just hoping I'll have enough mobility to not seem like a crazy person.

Anybody have any good tips on relieving lower back pain? I'm open to suggestions.

Well, my work day is drawing to a close. I should start preparing to pack up and head out. Hopefully, I'll be able to post something a little more uplifting soon.

Keep It Sassy!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Work, Rehearsals, and More

Hey friends!

Last time, I wrote a post about my own personal self-doubt. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, let's talk about some of the more awesome things happening in my life.

Work: Ok, I lied. Work isn't awesome. Work is actually incredibly busy. I'm not sure our turnover rate has ever been as high as it is right now. I have trained so many people that they've all blurred together. I'm not sure which store they are for, what their names are, etc. It's a mess! But, I'm trying to be optimistic and know that everything will balance out in the end.

Yesterday was the opening day of our brand new store. I just had a wonderful discussion with one of the owners. It will as well as could be expected. Apparently, we did more business than he thought we would. YAY! I was stuck training and working for a sick employee and counting inventory for a different store so I was not able to be there. Today will be my first time stepping foot inside the place. It should be fun to say the least. Everyone says the building/layout is very nice and roomy. Space is a common issue in other stores so I'm excited to see it.

Rehearsals:  We started Shrek rehearsals Monday. #JRTShrek for those with social media madness, like myself. Myself and a few cast mates will be posting pics or vids of our crazy happenings from time to time. So, check us out on Twitter/Instagram/Vine. You can follow me: @sashanks/sashanks04/Sarah Shanks to keep up with all those day-to-day things I don't necessarily blog about like work rants, random conversations with friends, my car, etc. Anything random in my life can be found on those sites.

Ok... now, that my shameless plug is over, make sure you check out Jonesborough Repertory Theatre for performance dates/times for Shrek the Musical and other shows. Get those tickets while you can! This is the last weekend for USO, so you should probably get to it. Those tickets sell out FAST! Plus, it coincides with Jonesborough Days. Who doesn't love a small town festival?!

Ok... that really should be the end of the plugs for now... and no, the Town of Jonesborough does not pay me to say those things.

Rehearsals are going well. I mean, we've only had two, but I'm happy to be spending time with some of my favorite people I don't get to see often because of our schedules. Lots of talented people involved. We're going to have a swell time.

More: Here's another plug... You should check out my friend Hannah Faith Rader! This link is to her website, but my fave is her YouTube Channel! My fave segment is Faith's TraveLog. She has lots of ponders that some of us might have even pondered. Plus, she's one of the funniest people I know. Honestly, she has amazing, comedic timing that seems to come so naturally. It makes me a little jealous.  So, check her out! She's fabulous!

Also... Happy Birthday to my roommate! Woo!

Well, I'm off! Time to get some real work done. Have a sassy day!


Friday, June 28, 2013

Self Doubt

Oh boy! Here I go.

So, last night I was thinking about this book series I've been writing. I'm stuck. Not writer's block stuck, but too many things happening in the wrong order stuck. Then, I realized I had messed up a major plot point. From the moment I started this adventure I knew how Book One ended, but when I started writing, that moment seemed to happen halfway through Book One. That's ok, I thought. I can stop somewhere else. NO! No, I cannot. It doesn't work like that. The story doesn't flow correctly, and it's all wrong. It is just WRONG! Now, I have to go back and fix it. All of it. Whole chapters have to be rewritten. I mean, I didn't want to do rewrites until it was time for edits. I wanted to get it all written first before I changed anything. However, the damage is irreversible. It has to be changed. It's so frustrating.

Here's where my self-doubt comes into play.

I have started countless writing projects through the years. From musical to plays to short stories to novels to this series... and I have never completed one. Not a single one. I love writing. I love thinking in stories. I love all of it, and yet I cannot finish a single project. Why? I'm so glad you asked...


My entire life has been spent being told I wasn't good enough. I wasn't smart enough. I wasn't talented enough. I wasn't thin enough. I wasn't pretty enough. I wasn't creative enough. Over and over and over again.

Now, I understand constructive criticism. I know how to take it, file it away, and use it to my advantage later. I also know deconstructive criticism. I know when to just forget about it, but sometimes you just can't forget about it. One mistake can haunt a person for the rest of their lives. One negative comment can haunt someone for the rest of his/her life. It happens.

Being told you're not good enough over and over again, can lead you to believe it. Once you believe it, the damage is done. I am not afraid to admit that I believe I am not good enough to accomplish any of my dreams. Acting: not good enough. Singing: not good enough and not of the correct race for my vocal type. Writing: not good enough. Finding Love: don't even get me started on that one. I have all of these big dreams, but I don't believe in myself enough to attempt to make them happen. It doesn't matter how hard you work, if you don't believe in yourself, you won't achieve it.

That's where I stand right now. I don't believe. Some people will give me a hard time about writing this post. Some will tell me how wonderful I am and how I should believe in myself. Others won't say anything because they have nothing to say. I'm to the point where their words don't matter. Like the lyrics of "Die Vampire Die" state:

"The last vampire is the mother of all vampires, and that is the vampire of despair. It'll wake you up at 4AM to say things like... Who do you think you're kidding? You look like a fool. No matter how hard you try, you'll never be good enough... Why is it that if some dude walked up to me on the subway platform and said these things, I'd think he was a mentally ill asshole, but if the vampire inside my head says it... It's the voice of reason."

Everyday is a struggle to prove myself wrong. Everyday I try, and everyday I get more and more discouraged. But... if I don't try, I'm resigning myself to live like this forever, and this life I currently have... this is not living. This is merely existing, and existing isn't good enough.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Voices and Names and Inspiration

Writers are strange people. I should know... I am one. We think in stories, dialogues, and details. We think of the way things were, how they are, and how they could be. That's the best part... how they could be. Endless possibilities await in that one phrase.

I haven't been writing much the past few days. Mainly because work has taken hold. Writing doesn't pay the bills, so work can sometimes be more important. 10-12 hour work days plus commute time, etc., etc. You get the picture. But today, something strange happened. I was working on paperwork. Organizing my folders, tracking training hours, etc. when I noticed I had notes from my research for my series in my work notebook. Pages upon pages of quotes and ideas. I even had an outline hidden in there. Sometimes organization isn't my strong suit. Sometimes, I just write whatever I'm thinking down on the nearest sheet of paper, and sometimes, that happens to be my work notebook.

That sent a spark through the realm I've created/am creating. I'm not one of those writers who knows exactly what is going to happen in my story before it happens. I mainly let the characters speak for themselves. That can be a bit messy.

 **SPOILER**: A few character names are about to be revealed. I apologize ahead of time. Of course, it might not matter because I could just be writing this for it never to be published.

Right now, I have a few characters chatting it up in my head. That's a downfall of writing a story centered around one character but affecting so many different characters. It's centered around Emily (more on her shortly) but it is more about how she affects, changes, or doesn't change (who knows... I'm not even sure) the world around her. I hear Emily most of the time, but there are many other active characters in the story. There are multiple POVs throughout the series other than hers, including Jake, Hayden, Hiero, Andrew, and Micah. Wow! I didn't know about that last one until I just typed it. How fun is that?! But lately, it's been the smaller characters who just want to chit chat away. Louisa, Gatlin, and Henry for starters. They are a HUGE part of this story, but it's never told specifically from their POV. That doesn't mean they don't want to be heard. That's part of the beauty of creating. Telling someone's story through the eyes of someone else. You might be thinking, "Why not just write in third person?" Well, I could answer that question in detail but that would give away too much. Let's just say... it's impossible to have the impact that is needed if the story is written in third.

Other than the characters of that specific project, another voice has crept in. It doesn't belong to that story. It has a story all of its own. I think it is a one book story too. Though, I never know until I start writing down my ideas. For now, I know the name of another character but not the character who's POV it is coming from... the object of affection's name is Coy. Over and over... I should probably start jotting ideas and comments down soon. I'd hate to lose a perfectly good story because I didn't want to pay attention.

Anyway... that's what my mind/imagination sounds like. No wonder people think artists are mad.

Now... onto the real reason I'm writing this post... Emily. Well, more importantly... what Emily means to me.

I have two characters that I feel are extensions of myself. Any actor knows what that feels like. If you've ever heard on actor talk about having a difficult time letting a certain character go, you might understand what I mean by this.

One is Kait. Kait is an experimental character. She has existed for years. Her story is ever-changing, ever-evolving. She's your ordinary girl. She began as a character in a short play I had to write for my Dramatic Structure class my sophomore year of college. Then, she took on another life in a musical I've been working on for nearly 5 years. It started as a  sort of catharsis, but nothing ever came of it. It remains a challenge even now. To me, Kait is my weakness. Not just in the fact that I cannot seem to write her story, but also because she has my weaknesses but tenfold. The things I have overcome, she cannot bare to face. She's a representation of my darkest moments, but I adore her. The problem with Kait is that the characters in her story seem to be more important to her than she is. I haven't found a way to fix that, but I have a feeling it is one of those "Sarah... look inside yourself" moments. Anyone who has ever been too trusting, too forgiving, or too caring can understand that feeling.

Emily, on the other hand, is not only my muse (yes, I understand she is fictional) but everything I'd want to be. I'm not kidding. Emily is... well, that might give away too much. Emily was born out of an idea that I wanted to read a book series about a _______ type character. Did you really think I would give that away?! Honestly?! Immediately, the name Emily popped into my head. It's very fitting and if I ever publish the series I might explain why, but for now just know that it makes sense in many, many ways. One of those ways is the fact that my mother wanted to name me Emily. It was my favorite name as a child. (These aren't really the reasons it is so fitting, but alas.) Emily  is almost everything I'd ever want to be. Her lifestyle is completely unlike my own, but I find it inspiring. She's fit and healthy and beautiful. She's a masterpiece. Of course, I would say that because I created her, but I think she's remarkable.

I've been inspired by my own fictional character to better myself. When I'm eating healthy and being active, I feel better... not only about myself, but about my ability to connect to her. Anyone can write a story. Anyone can create a character, but sometimes that character helps you realize your own potential. I think that happens because we dream up these characters. If I can dream it, I can be it... Right? It's so simple and childlike... but it helps me. Artists... whether they be painters, writers, actors, dancers, singers... create because they have to. It's hardwired into us. This idea of creating something beautiful or thought-provoking or terrifying or whatever is within us. We can do nothing else. So, we tell stories. Honestly, story-telling is just human nature. It's how we learn and grow... and sometimes we inspire others, but sometimes we inspire ourselves.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Destiny vs. Choice

Ok, friends. I'm about to get real... really, really real. This is something that absolutely DRIVES ME MAD! The idea that life is either pre-determined for us or we are given a choice. There's no middle ground for people. There's no sense of destiny intertwined with choice... or at least, there's not in my part of the world. My current belief system is very different from how I was raised, but I don't plan on delving into what I believe now. I just want to point out something that gets under my skin that nobody ever wants to talk about.

I was raised Southern Baptist. I was raised to believe in God and to follow his plan after I had made the choice to except him into my life. Now, people prayed and prayed and prayed for my salvation when I was a child. Once I said I had done so or "been saved" as they say, my choice was taken away. I was expected to live a certain way, be a certain way. I was expected to change everything about myself because of this one thing. I was expected to keep my mouth shut and follow the path God had planned for me, even though they always preached freewill and God giving us a choice. In their eyes the choice was follow him or don't. That was it.

Honestly, I'm less than 2 months away from my 27th birthday, and I have NO IDEA what that path is. When I was a teenager, I was definitely a "Jesus Freak." I believed everything they told me in church. I tried to be the perfect daughter, the perfect student, the perfect Christian. But guess what? I wasn't. My parents still got ill with me. My grades weren't always the best, but I went to church every Sunday (morning and night) and Wednesday if they had a service. If the doors were open, I was there. I wanted to find this path God had etched out for me on his big map of souls and their intended paths. I wanted to know. I wanted him to tell me, to show me what I was meant to do in life. I had the choice to chose him, but I wasn't allowed to choice anything after that. Oh boy! Did that change!

When I went to college, I started to think for myself. I started to search and explore other ideas, religions, beliefs... paths. I started to delve into things my family wanted me to stay away from. I'm not sure why. I feel more connected to the world and more alive thanks to the things I've learned. I've made choices. Some of them were terrible, but I learned from them. I've started to figure out what my strengths and weaknesses are because of making choices. I say started because I don't think anyone ever fully knows everything about themselves there is to know.

Somewhere along the way I have chosen to believe in both destiny and choice. I believe both are possible. In fact, they coincide. There's no one or the other. No heavenly entity is going to come down and tell me every single step to take. Nor do I think that is going to happen for anyone else. I don't think there is one path. I think there are MANY! Many paths laid out in front of us and WE get to choose. Not some higher power, but us! We can continue walking the one we're on or we can veer off onto another. It doesn't matter. If we're allowed freewill one second but not the next, what was the point.

Just LIVE! Stop looking for some greater power to point you in the right direction. I've prayed for that. Sometimes it has worked but most of the time there isn't an answer because I truly believe God (or whatever higher power you may believe in) wants us to find our way around ourselves. If you feel truly lost, by all means, pray if that is what you feel compelled to do, but don't live your life solely in the pursuit of the almighty pre-determined path. You'll miss a lot learning opportunities. I know, I did.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Pleasures of the Guilt-Ridden Variety (Part One)

So... I was over at CRAZYTOWN reading away like any normal (boring) day of training new employees, when I stumbled upon an article titled "Guilty Pleasures." That's when it struck me! I will inform all of my glittery friends of my own personal guilty pleasures. I warn you... there are many, but I'll try to only post the most ridiculous.

This is my number one guilty pleasure in all the land. Honestly, if you were to ask my friends what my favorite movies were, they would more than likely reply with "anything really bad." Now... don't get me wrong, there is such a thing as a movie that is SOOOOO BAD that even I cannot watch it. It's happened on more than one occasion. But... here's a few examples of really bad movies that I LOVE!
High School Musical 2
The whole franchise is absolutely, terribly loveable, but the second installment is my FAVORITE! There's something about combining Corbin and Lucas and baseball, that really makes me want to party. There's also that epic moment Zac has when he grabs the sand, slowly rises, and then throws the sand down. I'm not kidding... I probably watched that moment on loop about 30 times in a row. It's hard to find anything funnier than that moment. That moment is cinematic GOLD!
I, honestly, cannot describe the ridiculousness of this "horror" flick to you. You'll just have to watch it yourself. I watched this with a few of my guy friends last summer, and I thought we were going to die from laughing too much. I'll give it a little credit though. It had one stomach turning moment... one of those "bug crawls out of dead body's mouth" moments. Those will give me the willies every single time!

S. Darko
This movie is proof you shouldn't mess with a good thing. My love of Donnie Darko is endless, and then this happened. Oh, S. Darko... you are a bunny of a different color. That's for sure. Of course, you get sucked in and can't figure out why you can't stop watching. Then you realize... someone put Ed Westwick and Jackson Rathbone in the same film. It's like eye-candy overload!
Last... but certainly not least... I present to you...
Material Girls
This is a triumph of really bad films. This is my top choice in Guilty Pleasure Land. I will not tell you how many times I've watched this movie because honestly, it's embarrassing. When I'm sad, bored, angry, lonely, happy, cleaning, WHATEVER... I will watch this movie. Since I'm being up-front with you, I'll just go ahead and say that Hilary and Haylie Duff are guilty pleasures for me without this movie. I'm not kidding! It's a problem. There's so much about this movie that I love, I'm not sure how to explain it all. I don't have to think when I watch this movie. I don't have to do anything. This movie is like happiness on a disc for me.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

What to Write?

So... I'm sitting here at work thinking "I want to write a blog." So, I take out a piece of paper to jot down some ideas of topics to cover for a few days and come up with NOTHING! Honestly... I can't think of a single think to write about. It's ridiculous! How can someone who thinks in stories have absolutely NOTHING to write about on a blog?

That's why I'm asking you (the blog'o'sphere)... What do you want me to write about? It can be just about anything as long as it's not too vulgar/obscene/etc. Let's see what we can create together.

Keep It Sassy,


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hello, Again!

Hello, my sassy friends! Have you missed me?

I know I've been MIA for a while, but I have a few good reasons...

  1. I have been a horrible person when it comes to eating healthy and getting to the gym regularly. I'm not exactly sure what happened. Maybe it was exhaustion. Maybe it was going on vacation. Maybe it was pure laziness. Yeah... it was probably the last one. All I know is that I really have to get back to it. I feel terrible, but this Coca-Cola tastes so good! I'm so conflicted!!
  2. Writing... Writing... Writing...   You see, I've been working on a novel. In fact, I've been working on FIVE novels. One singular thought turned into an entire series that I cannot get out of my head. Empaths, Dragons, Demons, Fae (and many many more) have been dominating my thoughts. I don't want to give too much away, but I think it might turn into something amazing. Who knows? I don't. However, right now... I think this world I've created is FASCINATING!
  3. Work. Blah, blah, blah! I won't bore you with the details (mainly because I'm not certain of half of them) but work has been BUSY! My motto right now... "Train ALL the people!" Ok, that may be an exaggeration, but it certainly has felt that way the past few weeks.
  4. SHREK!!!! I did it! I auditioned for a show and actually got cast. After a 2 year hiatus, I'll be returning to the theatre! I'm excited and nervous (and well, I'm not gonna go into all the feels I have about it). Let's just say: I'm finally performing again, even if my character may be at the bottom of the plotline food chain. It will be fun because I'm working with some AWESOME people.
  5. Research. Remember when I mentioned writing? Well, with writing something as intricate as this world my mind created comes lots and lots of research. This is not a joke! I did less research for college essays! Right now my research includes reading The Nag Hammadi Library, Irish Fae Lore, and King Arthur and His Knights. I've also been watching A&E, National Geographic, BBC, and The History Channel programs on the Bible (Adam & Eve, The Garden of Eden, etc.), Templar Knights, The Devil's Bible, The Lost Gospels (trying to focus on the ones not found in the NHL), Mary Magdalene, Ancient Egypt, etc. Also... remember when I mentioned being cast in Shrek... well, I've begun character research for it as well. Maniacal laughter and speaking gibberish seems to be a great start.
  6. VACATION! My parents took me on vacation at the end of May. It was amazing. I have never been so relaxed. If you have never been to Tybee Island, I highly recommend it. Maybe, I'll be able to post pictures soon.
Other than all of that, things have been relatively quiet in my life. We shall see what happens once rehearsals start on July 1st.

Oh... I did want to mention that I am on the lookout for some awesome books to read. I know, I'm in the midst of writing one and reading a few others for research, but I want a relaxing book as well. I book I can engage in only as a reader. Drop your suggestions in the comments section! No one leaves comments anymore. Of course, I probably don't have readers anymore.

Until next time...

Keep it Sassy,


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Where Does the Time Go?

WOW! Let me just start off by saying that I apologize for my lack of posts. Life has been a little, if not very, crazy. I also sincerely apologize that "Don't Judge Me, Bitch" is not up and running yet. Believe me... I still have PLENTY of ideas, but let this be proof that 4 days is not enough time to get all that information together. Also, I probably shouldn't write a new post right after having the idea. Planning is key!

In other news, I have been slacking on the gym and healthy eating lately. I need to get back on that elliptical STAT! I'll be there tonight. No doubt about it. Sometimes, it really isn't easy to fit a workout into my schedule. Not to mention, the difficulty of not drinking soda. Seriously, I wasn't joking when I talked about how addicted I am to the stuff.

The best news of all, however, is my newfound dedication to a writing project I started working on during NaNoWriMo. If you don't know about NaNoWriMo, you should head on over to the site and check it out! November is still a ways away so you have plenty of time to brainstorm an excellent novel idea. My problem was that a one novel idea quickly became a five novel series idea in a matter of DAYS! Don't even ask. You will get no details out of me. Just know that I am so in love with these characters that I'm not sure I'll ever be able to stop.

That's my update for now. I have a few other things to accomplish today, but I wanted let you know that I haven't forgotten about you.

Until next time!

Keep It Sassy,

Friday, April 26, 2013

Don't Judge Me (Idea)

So... this post is about to get completely off-topic from what I have been discussing, but hey... this is my life.

I've found that I use the phrase "don't judge me" a lot. I'm not talking about using it occasionally. I'm talking about saying it about everything. Here are some examples.

  1.  I posted a no makeup selfie on Instragram yesterday. I hashtagged that shit. Seriously, #dontjudgeme. It's a real thing when I'm around.
  2. I grabbed a Coke instead a water a few days ago at work. I turned to a coworker and quickly said, "Don't judge me."
  3. I watched Grey's Anatomy today and tweeted about it. Just to use #dontjudgeme AGAIN!
Now... these are just three examples of when I've done it, but it happens all the time. Well, all this repetition has me thinking, "That's a really good blog idea." Hear me out...

I am probably my harshest critic. Honestly, nothing I do is good enough to me. I judge myself daily. In theatre (where you are the product you are trying to sell), it is so easy to judge yourself based on those around you. It's also easy to understand that you are going to be judged.

So.. here's my thought... starting in May, I am going to open up Don't Judge Me, Bitch. Everyday, I am going to attempt to do two post. One will be a personal critic. I will judge myself. The other will be me judging something ridiculous about someone else. I may know them. They may be a celebrity. Who knows?

I just want to entertain everyone while still making a point that we shouldn't judge one another because most of the time it is over something RIDICULOUS! I think it'll be fun. I hope everyone is ready to learn about my insecurities.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Matilda the Musical and Cardio...

I promised you kids last night that this post would happen, and here it is!

I skipped out on my workout tonight. Mainly because my legs are still a little sore from last night, and my left knee is making a weird sound... but I digress.

These are the reasons I think the cast recording of Matilda the Musical is my new fave workout music for cardio only days:

(Please pause and turn it on if you want to follow along.)

4. REST!
8. FUN!
10. LOVE!
11. QUIET!

Now, it's not like the beginning of "Miracle" is extremely fast, but it's not extremely slow either. It's a perfect pace setter. I'm usually on the bike or elliptical when I first start my cardio workout. I tend to change my resistance every 1-2 minutes and the changes in tempo, the dialogue breaks, etc. all help feed that. Dialogue breaks are the best time to do peak resistance. I don't know about you, but I can't pedal as fast on 15 or 20 as I can on 5. It also helps that "Miracle" is over 10 minutes long. that means by the end of the song I have completely 1/3 of my time on the bike... and I've enjoyed an awesome story while doing it!

We go straight from "Miracle" into "Naughty." Now, "Naughty" is one of my favorite songs. It's the song I heard and decided that Matilda will be to this new generation what Annie was for mine. "Naughty" reminds you that you have to make the change you want to see. (Remember when I talked about effort last night.) Well, if your up and down time during "Miracle" made you want to quit after your first 10 minutes, "Naughty" will put you right back on track. My favorite lyric is "Everyday start with the tick of a clock. All escapes start with the click on a lock. If your stuck in your story, and want to get out, you don't have to cry, you don't have to shout." If that doesn't motivate you... I don't know what will!

Next comes "School Song" with DRIVE for days! It might start out slow, but that's just to prepare you. You've wrapped your head around completing this... so HERE WE GO! This militarian song works wonders for me, especially when we get to the speedy section. Plus, when they sing "Just you wait for Phys. Ed." I get super pumped. I mean, I need to get in shape so I can run away from Trunchbull. Am I right? Oh... and let's not forget that ENERGY and MOTIVATION are also found here. I mean, "I have suffered in this jail. I've been trapped inside this cage for ages. This living hell." Whether your trying to lose weight, just got out of a bad relationship, hate your job, or are just carrying around too much stress... just about anyone can relate to that. Let off some steam and pedal faster!

"Pathetic" --Ok, now... just wait. After "School Song" I'm usually winded and want to stop. Then this song comes on, I look at my reflection in the cardio theatre TV that I NEVER use, and hear "Don't be pathetic." This is more of a rest song... like most of Miss Honey's songs, but after over 17 minutes of straight energy, motivation (still semi found here), and drive... REST is important. The thing to do is to just not stop. Slow down... but don't stop.

"The Hammer" -- "Pathetic" is short, but that's good considering Trunchbull is about to brag to us all. She's awesome. We're not. We get our first lesson on DISCIPLINE here. "Always keep your feet inside the line." is equivalent to "JUST KEEP GOING." More on DISCIPLINE later.

"Loud" usually finishes up my time in the bike/elliptical. THANKFULLY! I don't think I could pedal much more after that. The latin inspired feel of it all just gets my feet moving. High or Low resistance it doesn't matter... I usually pedal faster during this song. Why? Because we learn FAKE IT 'TIL YOU MAKE IT here, silly! I'm not in great shape. I'm overweight, but that doesn't matter. I'm faking it right now... but I'll make it to my goal. You just watch me! That's how this song makes me feel.

"This Little Girl" usually gets skipped. Nothing against Miss Honey, but her songs are mostly ballads. Ballads just aren't doing it for me at the gym (most of the time). This is the song to fill up my water bottle, stretch out the first round, etc. It's a short rest. Can't stop for too long.

I'm usually on the treadmill for the start of "Bruce." Did you drink a soda today? Did you eat a candy bar or, I don't know, a piece of cake? You'll regret that soon. Now, you're at the gym working off those extra calories you knew you shouldn't have, but you did it anyway. Luckily for you, Bruce, you've got a gaggle of friends who SUPPORT you! No matter what you are trying to acheive, you should surround yourself with people who support you. I usually just glance over at my workout buddy and think, "She believes I can do this. She is supporting me just by being here with me. I can't give up the fight when some believes in me."

You didn't think I'd forgotten about FUN. You did? Shame on you. By this time, my heart rate is up. I'm feeling good, but I'm tired. Then, "Telly" comes on, and I just think "Oh boy!" This character song is ridiculous. I love the song, but his love of the telly makes me giggle. Let's not forget that kick line ending. I'd probably do it on the treadmill if I wouldn't fall on my face attempting it.

"Entr'acte" is just a reminder of Miracle to me. It reminds me of what those 10 minutes felt like in less than 2. It helps me REFOCUS for the next round.

"When I Grow Up" is my cool down period on the treadmill. It is also in the REFOCUS category. Why am I doing this? What are my goals? Do I believe I will get there? It's a great "thinking" song.

"I'm Here" is a magical song to me when I'm on the treadmill. It works like "Miracle" feeding me ENERGY. However, it reminds me to LOVE. Love working out. Love making healthy choices. Most importantly, it reminds me to love myself. Who I was. Who I am. Who I am working to be. Just LOVE!

"The Smell of Rebellion" Ahhhh, yes... Remember when I said there would be more on DISCIPLINE later. Here it is! My legs will be burning. I'll be sweating like crazy, but I must not quit. I must keep going. Even when I hear the kids sing "I won't take it anymore," I equate that to the unhealthy lifestyle I've been living for so long. Then, the double time happens, and I reach down and increase the speed by at least 0.5, usually more. I just can't help it. I want to keep up. I bet you will want to keep up too. It doesn't last long before we slip into Trunchbull's "imagination," but it's enough to get the heart rate up a little bit more than it was.

"Quiet" is another one of my faves from the show. It is another DRIVE song. I just have to keep going during the beginning. I feel crazed often in life. We all get stressed and overwhelmed. The best thing "Quiet" gives me is QUIET. That sounds crazy but it's true. "Just the sound of your heart in your head." I have nothing to worry about during this song, but just to continue walking/jogging/running nowhere. It's a beautiful thing.

I skip "My House" because once again Miss Honey's ballads do nothing for my workout, and I'm usually on the last 2-3 minutes of my treadmill time, meaning I have to get to my favorite moment/song!

The lesson I get from "Revolting Children" is... you guessed it... REVOLT! I know, I just talked about DISCIPLINE twice, and now I'm telling you to REVOLT! Hear me out. "Revolting Children" is the last leg of my workout. I don't listen to "When I Grow Up (Reprise)" at the gym. So, during this 2:33 song... I have to ability to let go. Push myself past my previous highest speed or incline or both. Revolt against the normalcy. Don't do the same thing everyday. Do something different. Whether I power walk/jog/run... as long as it's more than I did during my final 2-3 minutes the previous day, it counts!

So... next time you are at the gym on a cardio only day, try Matilda the Musical! You might be pleasantly surprised like I was.

The Original Cast Recording of Matilda the Musical can be found on iTunes.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fear of Sweat...

I'm going to go ahead and warn you that this post will not be glamorous at all. However, I'll try to fill it with as much sass as possible. Oh, and we'll be talking more about "glistening" that "glittering."

Are you afraid of sweating in public? Do you know someone that is?

It's an odd thing to think about, but I believe the fear is more common than we give it credit. There are some many products out there that promote the idea of "not sweating." Don't get me wrong? I want to cover up my BO just as much as the next person. However, with all the anti-perspirants/deodorants, scented lotions, perfumes, scented hair products (from shampoo and conditioner to mousse), and all the others that I'm sure I'm missing because it's late and I'm tired, it's not surprising.

Why am I talking about this? What exactly made me think of this?

Well, during my workout today I had decided on blogging about how Matilda the Musical is becoming my favorite workout album during cardio. Don't worry, theatre lovers, I still fully intend on writing that one. It just won't be tonight. Anyway... my workout buddy finished before me, about 6 minutes before me exactly, but I was bound and determined to finish my last 30 minutes on the treadmill even if it killed me.

After I finished, I wiped down the machine and walked over to her. (She's awesome and always waits for me if she finishes early.) Sweat was dripping down my face, neck, back. I looked a HOT MESS for sure. Without skipping a beat, she said, "You're sweating, and I'm just over here like 'I need to get out of here before I start.'" Then, we talked about how awesome I was feeling even though I was glistening enough to be picked up an satellite feed.

On the drive home was when I really began to think about it. Why are we so afraid to sweat in public? It's a natural occurrance. Our bodies are made to sweat. It's how we cool down and detox. It's completely natural. However, society has programmed us to think that if we are sweating, we are just too out of shape or smell bad or whatever. Everything is supposed to come easily and sweat makes it look like you had to put forth effort.

That's when I realized that THAT was the key! EFFORT! I'm on this weight loss adventure right now, and for once, I understand that it will not happen overnight. The benefits I achieve will come from the effort I put forth. That's awesome! I'm in control! No one else is going to fix my body. Not doctors, not prayer chains, not God... but ME! It is all up to me and the amount of effort I'm willing to put forth.

That's the awesome part about sweating at the gym or track or dance class or wherever you may be. There's no shame in being caught sweaty in public. Look around the gym the next time you are there. Everyone else is probably sweating too. They are putting forth effort to better themselves, whether they are working towards losing weight, maintaining weight, or gaining weight. They are putting forth an effort for themselves. We all sweat! There's no shame in that!

Now, is it embarrassing to be caught with pit stains when you've done nothing but sit at your desk in your office all day? More than likely, yes, but I say... don't freak out. Don't fear the sweat. We all get caught with pit stains.

As always, keep it sassy,


Monday, April 15, 2013

Self-Frustration Equals Self-Motivation

I went to my first audition in almost a year today. I had a blast. Did it go well? No... not really. Did it go terribly wrong? No... not really. It was the definition of an average audition. Reading went so-so... Singing was better than the last but not great. The dance segment though... That's where this story really begins.

I could probably tell you every move we need to do in the combination. That's not a lie, but it was SOOOOO FAST! Now, I am a big girl. You get me hopping and jumping all over that stage, and sometimes I fear it is going to fall down. I have participated in very difficult, very technical dance auditions. (I'm looking at you, West Side Story, with your Jerome Robbins choreography.) I was even cast in that production of WSS. I've danced with fire. I've pretty much ONLY been in musical my entire life. I call myself a "fancer" for a reason. I can fake the shit out of some dance routines. Other than the fact that it was so fast, I have NO IDEA how I fucked it up so badly.

Well, I got to sing after that, so that made me happy, but I ended up thinking about that dance audition throughout all of dinner. Dinner was not the best choice. My roommate, David, and I went out to eat, and I made some TERRIBLE calorie decisions. I was so mad at myself for not being able to keep up. It was pathetic. By the time we got home and I logged my meal into the diet tracker, as well as the dance into my activity tracker, I was livid.

So, what does one do when one is completely and utterly frustrated and disappointed at oneself? That's right! One packs up and heads to the gym.

Now, I haven't been on an elliptical since the first day I joined the gym. It kicked my ass. I barely lasted 5 minutes. That's not an exaggeration. I thought I was going to collapse right there. Today? It was the first place I went. I spent 15 minutes on it. I started out fast due to the frustation, but when sweat started getting into my eyes, I slowed down a little. It felt amazing to sweat that much.

I went straight from the elliptical to the bike. I spent 10 minutes on my usual 6-11 resistance track. I like to change it up every minute or so. It adds variation. Then, I spent one minute at a peak resistance of 20. My legs were burning so good.

After the bike, I moved over to do arms. Halfway through my arm routine I realized that I just did arms last night. So, if you see me try to pick up something heavy tomorrow and drop it, that's why. Stupid Sarah forgot that she had just done arms yesterday and did the again today. Oops!

I spent the last 5 minutes on the treadmill. I'm up to a speed of 3.5 now without feeling like I'm going to get flung off the thing. Progress! Maybe I'll make my April goal of jogging at least one quarter of a mile afterall.

So, that's today's story. A great lesson came from it. The more frustrated I am at myself for being so out of shape, the harder I work to get in shape.

Keep it Sassy,

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Walking and Grocery Shopping...

This morning I went for a nice walk at ETSU's Fitness Trail with You Know, Jon. The trail is 0.64mi. We did 3 laps, which was nothing for Jon, and honestly, I probably could've done another myself. 3 laps times 0.64mi = 1.92 miles, for anyone who was wondering. Yes, I almost walked 2 miles this morning. We call this progress!

After our walk, we went to Earth Fare for lunch. I must say that I do love a good salad bar. I even got a take-out container of some tofu, mushroom, and bok choy stir fry and rice to dinner. (Side note: I just finished it, and it was awesome!)

After Jon dropped me back off at my apartment, I cleaned out the refigerator to make room for the all new groceries I had to go buy today.

I've gotten so tired of eating starches and starches and even more starches. Spaghetti, lasagna, homemade bread, macaroni and cheese... UGH! There wasn't a single vegetable in this place. Well, if there were they needed to me thrown out. So, that's exactly what I did!

With a cleaned out refrigerator, it was off the the grocery store. Today's choice was Ingles. 2013 is their 50th anniversary. They run different 50% off sales every week among many other awesome deals. So, I walked into Ingles, and IMMEDIATELY upon entering the door and getting my shopping cart (aka buggy, in the South. I will probably end up using both interchangably.) a young man who works there asked me if I would like a piece of cake. CAKE!! The worst part... it wasn't chocolate either. (There will probably be a post in the future about my hatred of chocolate, especially chocolate cake.) It was white cake, whipped cream icing... EVERYTHING I LOVE IN A CAKE! BUT... do you know what I said? "No, thank you." That's right! I said, "No, thank you." I TURNED DOWN CAKE! Please excuse me while I do my happy I turned down cake dance.

Anyway... I politely passed by Mr. Cake Man and headed towards the produce. Boy! Do I love a good produce sections. Believe it or not, Ingles actually carries a lot of organic produce as well, and it isn't that expensive. However, crazy Sarah forgot to make a meal plan for the week. (I usually do that when I'm trying to watch what I eat, but since I hadn't planned on switching over to healthier foods yet, I hadn't thought to do it.) I just stood there staring at the produce for what felt like 10 minutes, thinking about what I could buy, what I could make with it, blah blah blah. I ended up just grabbing a head of broccoli, an english cucumber, some baby carrots, spinach, bananas, and a bag of apples. Basically, I didn't know what I could cook, but I definitely knew the flavors I LOVED to juice! So, I'll probably be intaking most of my veggies and fruits through juice this week. Maybe next time I'll be more prepared.

I headed around the rest of the store picking out staples like milk, whole wheat bread, and peanut butter. (We currently have eggs so they weren't necessary.) I bought some other things as well, but they really aren't relevent to this story... whatever this story may be. I hopped over to the seafood department. I LOVE SEAFOOD! Fish, shrimp, crab, lobster, scallops, etc. You name it. I eat it, except for mussels because REALLY who likes their seafood black?! I picked up a talapia fillet and some stuffed flounder. That's 3 servings of fish for the week. My roommate won't eat it so the 2 servings of stuffed flounder in the pack are both mine! Then, I get to the freezer aisle. Oh no! We have a very tiny freezer that my roommate likes to pack with all sorts of things that shouldn't necessarily be frozen... EVER! But, I went into the freezer section anyway. I got an assortment of frozen veggies. They'll be gone fairly quickly, especially the mustard greens. This southern girl LOVES her mustard greens. I'm already picturing it... panko crusted talapia, mustard greens, and corn. Don't tell me you aren't jealous! Anyway... I even picked up some organic spinach and cheese ravioli. Mixed with some cooked spinach and vodka sauce. That's gonna be awesome. The most puzzling purchase of all, however.... the MorningStar mini corn dogs. YES! YES, I DID! I think I've been around my vegetarian friends too long. I think their crazy anticts are rubbing off on me. Last but not least, I bought some greek yogurt (vanilla's my favorite) and some ZICO pineapple flavored coconut water. I hadn't been able to find ZICO brand ANYWHERE down here. I was very pleased.

Today's total grocery damage... a little over $115. That actually isn't bad. I usually spend anywhere from $130-150. I think the kicker was that I bought food that will ACTUALLY fill me up. Oh, and I didn't worry about what my roommate would want. I was only feeding myself.

But did you notice the really amazing thing? Did you? I'm not sure if you did so I'll tell you.

Everything I bought fits into a pescetarian diet. That's right, kids. I've talked about it. I've researched. I've blah, blah, blahed about it until I just did it. Ok... so I had a tiny bit of chicken salad today at lunch, but starting today at 2:49pm when I got home from the grocery store. I had decided to be pescetarian.

This life of mine of awfully crazy.

Until next time...

Keep It Sassy,


Friday, April 12, 2013

Sometimes People Change...

Sometimes we change for the better. Sometimes we don't. It all just depends on the circumstances surrounding our decision or indecision to change.

I found myself surrounded by a collection of different circumstances a few weeks ago. I was more depressed than I had been in a very long time. For those of you who don't personally know me, let me give you a little background info on myself.

My name is Sarah. I grew up in one of the smallest towns in existence called Mooresburg, TN. I have never been thin. I have never been fit. I have never been attractive or pretty. This has led me to live a fairly (I say fairly because I have had fun in my life... some fun that I even regret) sheltered life. I've only dated one person in my entire life. I'm socially awkward. The only time I seem to fit in is when I in rehearsal or performing. I'm an actor/singer/fancer (fake dancer, for those of you who just thought, "WTF?!").

A few weeks ago, I stepped on a scale for the first time in a long time and was shocked at the number I saw. No, I'm not going to tell you what it was. However, I will tell you it is the heaviest I have EVER been. This did not help my depression whatsoever. So, I thought to myself, "What can I do to remedy this?"

Let me just say, if there has been a diet... I have probably tried it. Dieting is not easy for me. I love food, fatty foods. I love french fries and soda (especially a Coca-Cola). I love carbs. Bread, pasta, you name it. Oh, and it doesn't help that those are the cheapest things you can buy in a grocery store. So, I often find myself living off Subway sandwiches (because I unfortunately still work there even with my college degree) and spaghetti. Diets + me = more harm than good.

This time, though, I did something that wasn't dieting. I got online and started looking up gyms in the area. See, I have lots of friends who are health junkies. I'm talking marathon runners, crossfit trainers, nutritionist, Zumba class members, swimmers, dancers... you name it, I probably have a friend who does it.

A friend and coworker of mine has a membership at Anytime Fitness here in town. Not to mention the other friends I have across the country who are also members. So, I took a wild hair and signed up for a tour and 7-day trial membership. Little did I know, I would be signing up for an 18 month membership by the time I left after my tour.

Let me go ahead and tell you... it is the best decision I have ever made. Bre (my friend and coworker) and I go every night at 9pm. I will literally be heading there right after I finish writing this. My other friend, Jon (aka You Know, Jon) has been so supportive, he comes down every Saturday to go for a morning walk with me before we go out for a healthy lunch. He has his own blog that he has just started. He's attempting a paleo-vegan lifestyle for 9 week. If you are interested in checking out/supporting him, you should check out Jon's Paleo-Vegan Experiment.

So, how am I doing now? Well, as of last night, I am 5 lbs. lighter than that dreaded weight I saw on the scale 3 weeks ago. Now, I know 5 lbs. in 3 weeks doesn't seem like much. However, that is 5 lbs. lost be working out alone. I haven't changed my eating habits yet. Right now, I'm ok with that. One step at a time.  Though, I will tell you that the more I work out, the more my eating habits adjust themselves on their own. I find myself drinking more water than I normally would before I started working out. Remember when I said I love soda? Yeah, that's not a lie. Soda = water to the pre-working out Sarah. I'm also becoming one of those annoying coconut water people. I know! I was shocked too, but after a while it just seems to taste SO GOOD! Oh, and let's not forget my obsession with salad at the moment! I am LOVING some salad! Though, this spring weather lends itself very easily to salads.

Sometimes we just change without realizing it is happening. I never thought I would be one of those people who went to the gym everyday, but here I am. It's almost been 3 weeks since I started my membership, and I couldn't be happier that I did.

I guess what I'm really saying is that you should probably get used to the words "gym, work, out, walking, healthy, lifestyle, veggies, fruits, coconut, and water" more often on this blog.

Keep It Sassy,

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The blog that suffers...

Glitter Covered Sass is becoming a blog that suffers. I cannot for the life of me figure out what exactly it is I want to cover.

When I first started Glitter Covered Sass, I was living a completely different lifestyle than I currently am. Now, don't get me wrong... I still love glitter. I still love making sassy comments about things that really don't matter in my life or anyone else. Yet, I cannot devote this blog to a lifestyle I no longer lead.

Then, I decided I would write reviews on things I love... books, music, theatre, television. However, I quickly realized that reviews were not for me. There are many bloggers out there who write fantastic reviews. I'm just not one of them.

So... now what?

That's the question.

For now, I'm just going to start updating everyone on myself... my life. I'll tell you right now, though. It won't be fascinating, but it's a start.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Music Review: Eden Espinosa's "Look Around"

As promised, here is my review of Eden Espinosa's album "Look Around."

By Song:

  1. "I'm Not That Girl" -- This is a beautiful arrangement of the Wicked song. So full of heart. Definitely a great way to start the album.
  2. "Stone Cold Sober" -- It's nice to hear a rougher, more pop (almost rock even) sound from Eden. It's a nice change from her Broadway sound.
  3. "Petrified" -- This song fits perfectly after "Stone Cold Sober." It also has that rougher sound. It is a very relatable song. One that anyone who is feeling a little down can understand. Though, it is mostly lower than we are used to her singing don't be fooled. Those high points are definitely still there.
  4. "I Know the Truth" -- One of my favorite songs from Aida. It hasn't been rearranged very much but simplicity of the sound is beautiful. It is possibly even more haunting than it is in the show's arrangement. You can really picture Eden sitting on a stool in a very intimate concert venue performing this song as you listen to it, and there's no other sound but her voice and the guitar. Wonderful.
  5. "I Miss the Mountains" -- The first verse is beautiful and melodic. The change into the chorus seems to pick up a little too quickly for me. I would've liked to stay in the soft place a little longer, but it fits the story being told.
  6. "With You" -- Anyone who has been through a heartbreak, lost a loved one, etc. will completely relate to this song. It's not as haunting as her version of "I Know the Truth" but it is a beautiful song. When the tempo picks up at the bridge you aren't thrown by it. It's the moment of rage or denial you feel in that sort of heartbreak. Really lovely.
  7. "Once Upon A Time" -- We know it so well. It is synonymous with Eden. The arrangement is different and dreamy. It feels very childlike. It's not the belty version we all know. It is very different. I would compare it to an upbeat lullaby.
  8. "One Song Glory" -- I love the beginning of this song. The building of the song. How will it sound? How does it all fit together? Each instrument... each note... each chord? It's beautiful. Her voice comes through soft and haunting. The instruments build as the song progresses, finding their place in the mix. One of my favorite RENT songs just became even more precious to me. The moment the back-up vocals came in I got chills.
  9. "Look Around" -- The title song is beautiful and simple. It is a perfect ending to the album.


I found this album to be very enjoyable. It flowed nicely from one song to the next. It's a nice acoustic album for anyone who enjoys that sort of sound. It's not the high belty stuff we've come to know her for, but I didn't expect it to be. It's simple. You want to hear more of her voice even after the album ends. My favorite songs were "I Know the Truth" and "One Song Glory." They are absolutely beautiful arrangement. I definitely recommend this album to anyone who enjoys musical theatre or acoustic sounds. It's definitely for you. I'd have to give it a 4 out of 5 glitter rating.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Upcoming: Music, a Book, and a Movie

I am currently downloading Eden Espinosa's album "Look Around." Even though, it was released on December 18th, I haven't been able to purchase it until now. Some of you may or may not know that she is one of my MANY music idols. I find her voice to be absolutely stunning. I have heard and read many great things about this album. However, I'm plan to let you know my exact feelings sometime this week.

Also, I will be writing a review for Hidden by P.C. and Kristin Cast very soon. I'm a huge House of Night fan. I just finished reading it a few days ago. First, I have to wrap my head around what I want to highlight as to not give away too many spoilers.

The last part of this post's title OBVIOUSLY refers to the movie-musical version of Les Miserables,which you can currently catch in theatres. I went to see it on Christmas Day with my roommate. I have some very strong opinions on this. (Imagine! I have strong opinions on everything.) Most of these opinions are very positive. Some are not. I'll have my character breakdown up soon. I said a few things on Facebook, but I knew I could be more detailed on here.

Not included in the title are a few other things...

1. Season 5 of Merlin premieres in the USA on Friday, Jan. 4th on SyFy. I would recommend EVERYONE watch it. It's the final season of the show and COMPLETELY worth it.

2. The Survivors Series made an announcement yesterday... a very exciting announcement. Head on over to their blog to get all the details. The Survivors Series Blog (Hint: It's Book 3 related.) If you haven't been reading The Survivors Series, I implore you to go purchase The Survivors and The Point of Origin RIGHT NOW! You won't be disappointed. I plan on reviewing The Point of Origin sometime soon. I will probably re-read it before I do so, though.

That's all for now. I hope the New Year is treating you well.

Glitter & Sass...


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Today's the Day

Happy New Year's Day, friends! I slept like a rock last night. I would like to thank my friends Merlot and Nyquil for that wonderful night of sleep. It was very much needed. I'm still feeling very under the weather, but it will pass as all colds do.

So, I've been thinking a lot about New Year Resolutions. We always make them, and most of the time we always break them. However, I really want to try to be a better person. I want to try to find out what my dreams are and follow them. I want to learn to love myself as much as I love the glitter covered sassy version of myself. So, here's a list of things I want to do this year. I would rather think of this more as a year long bucket list than resolutions.

Here goes:

1. I want to make better financial decisions.
2. Finish Book One of The E Series.
3. Finish secret musical project.
4. Read more.
5. Go on a real vacation.
6. Keep the apartment clean.
7. Build up my book.
8. Audition for more than one show.
9. Pay off my credit card.
10. Treat people better.

These are just 10 of many ideas I have for this year. Hopefully I will complete them all. If not, here's hoping I can finish most.