Sunday, December 4, 2011

Spotted: ?!?!?!?!?!

So... I follow a few Twitter accounts that do a "Spotted" report every now and again.  You spot a celeb on the street you let them know.  Well, here's my very own Z list SPOT of the day. 

SPOTTED: Chris Crocker at New Beginnings!

That's right.  I spotted Crocker in his natural habitat, right here in Johnson City at New Beginnings!  Nothing like a "Legalize Gay Pot" shirt from to lure all the boys right to me.  As if my typical hag skills weren't enough!  I must say... he's turning out to be a very handsome boy  man. 

Oh oh oh boy!

I'm back, bitches!!!  And do I have some glitter and glamour and sass to deliver to you!  Yes, it's true.  I took a hiatus, but I'm back and better than ever!  Expect more glitter, more glamour, and more sass than James St. James on K, hunty, because I'm dealing it right here! 

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Ok, ok, ok.  TECHNICALLY, it's Day 5, but I missed the past 2 days so it's the 3rd  day of WOG!  Here goes:

"I feel like a pope at a sex club."

Any guesses?!


Everyone knows one.  Everyone has one friend who stands center stage in a flash of glitter and spectacle.  Everyone loves a LEO!  Well, ok... maybe that's just what we Leos want to think.  All the same, here I am sending out my love to all my fellow Leos!  We're a mess, a handful, a sassy bunch... but we are who we are.  Celebrate yourself!  Love yourself!  Let out a big ol' ROAR!! 

Cravings, Childhood

OMG!  I am totes craving Pop Rocks right now!  No lie.  I miss the crackling candy.  Can one be too old for Pop Rocks?  I wonder.  I also wonder how many of you tried Pop Rocks and Coca-Cola.  I want. I want. I want.  Nothing says childhood and fun times like Pop Rocks and Coca Cola!  NOTHING!

Try it if you dare!

Oooooohhhhh Bunny!

Check out this video I found of a teenage Lady Bunny!  Fabulous!  Just FABULOUS!  I love her.  I love Ru.  I love everything about this video... except for maybe Bunny's hair.  Girl!  Take a comb to that wig!

Monday, August 1, 2011


 "Many Americans just think of fashion as...well, body covering. Shopping. Same thing as lunch."

Happy Happy Birthday!

Well, our celebutante/club kid/Wowlebrity is another day older today!  Happy Birthday, James St. James! 

Here's to another fabulous year of clutching our pearls and giggling incessantly!

Sunday, July 31, 2011


"If you didn't do that jacket in fleece I would have been like, 'Give me a Xanax, I'm falling asleep.'" 

Guess who said it?

Hello, again!

Wow!  This past week found me in too much of a chaotic state to do update.  Disappointing!  However, I'm back and ready to glitter and sass up my life!  Join me!  I've been listening to RuPaul's GLAMAZON album all morning!  Fabulous! Inspiring! Glamour!  Of course, we all knew that about Ru already.  So check it out!  You can get it on iTunes!  Here's the album cover.  Girl looks FIERCE!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Musto on Winehouse

Village Voice's Michael Musto recently posted a very poignant article on Amy Winehouse's death.  I'm sharing it with you now.  Please read it, and if you know someone with a drug addiction NEVER forget to love and support them!  Your actions could help save a life.

Read the article at La Daily Musto!

Happy Marriage Sunday!

It's a happy day in New York as couples who have been denied their right to marriage due to sexual orientation are tying the knot today!  I've been following updates from Broadway Impact and Christine Quinn this morning.  God bless these couples as they continue on their path of love and life.  Now, if only the rest of the states would fall in line.  Keep the faith.  Continue to fight. Always love. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011


"I kinda float through a nightclub, and that causes people to come up and spill their guts to me."

Who said it?  Well, none other than Village Voice journalist, MICHAEL MUSTO!

Goodbye, Frizz!

Here's a product I have sworn by for years.  It's perfect for dry/sensitized hair like mine.  A few too many dye jobs will do that, so it's great to add nutrients back to your hair.   Kerastase Nutritive Lait Nutri-Sculpt Smoothing Foundation does just that!  Seriously, I use it daily.  It's great for helping achieve the perfect, smooth, shiny blowout.  Find it at Amazon!

Boyz of Freedom

So, my amazing cousin, Brian, made me a "to buy" playlist.  He named it Boyz of Freedom!  I love it and wanted to share it ALL WITH YOU! Check it out.  He even informed me that all of these songs are available on iTunes!

Beep Beep Beep - Tiga
Boyz of Freedom - Dor Dekel
Deeper Into You - Johnny Hazzard
Everything You - Superchumbo
Fashionista - Jimmy Jame(s)
Feed Me To The Wolves - Logan Lynn
Flawless - The Ones
Hundredaire - Hey Willpower
I Can Talk - Two Door Cinema Club
I'm The Sh(i)t - Bebe Zahara Benet
Jesse - Ivri Lider
Just Let Go - Fischerspooner
Kama Sutra - Quentin Elias
Lithium - Colton Ford
Losing My Religion - Colton Ford
Money, Success, Fame, Glamour - Pop Tarts
My Hair Looks Fierce - Amanda LePore
Never Win - Fischerspooner
On Time - Disco Biscuits
Servin' It Up - Peppermint Gummybear
Shattered Dreams - Quentin Elias
Take Off (Remix) - Quentin Elias
Uh Uh Uh - Hey Willpower
Wan Dat Azz Iz - Johnny Dangerous

Hey Willpower

Amanda Lepore


Really Bad Movie of the Day

Alright. It's no secret among my friends that I LOVE LOVE LOVE really bad movies!  I love to watch them and make fun on how incredibly BAD they are.  So, I'm starting a new daily segment.  (Well, it will be daily unless our internet gets turned off again.)  so, without further ado, here is the first REALLY BAD MOVIE OF THE DAY!

OMG!  I don't think I can contain my excitement!  Nothing says "REALLY BAD" more than something from the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL enterprise!

Superheroes, Serial Killers, and James St. James?

OMG OMG OMG!!  I just happened to be watching the latest Outfest videos by the one and only Damiana Garcia on Daily Freak Show, decided to refresh my upload page and found something AMAZING!  0 views, posted 1 minute ago-- James St. James at ComicCon.  Well, it has 1 view now!  ME!  And soon, all of you!  Superheroes, Serial Killers, Wizards, James St. James... and what's that close the the beginning of the video?  TORCHWOOD!!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!  CHECK IT OUT!

New Club Member

Seems as if Janis, Jim, Jimi, and Kurt are taking in a new club member today.  Say what you want about her drug addict, her scandals, etc.... but Amy Winehouse was a talented musician. 

RIP Amy Winehouse (September 14, 1983-July 23, 2011)

You can read more about it HERE!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Words of Glamour: Week 2 Day 4

Tonight's WORDS OF GLAMOUR from this week's glamourpuss:

"I can't drive, so I can only live in New York, which is fine with me."

My friends are fabulous...

... don't believe me?  Here's some proof! Today, I got a text from my friend and fellow actor, Justin Stephon Trice, telling me to check out his new video post.  He's been working with SLTM Films on Project 52.  Taken from their Facebook page:

"SLTM Films' Project 52: We will be creating a short film (15 minute maximum) every week throughout 2011. Our actors will choose our Genre, Theme & Random Element. Those are our guidelines from week to week."

So, I did.. and this is what I found. 

Congrats to all involved.  Keep doing what you do!

When I need tops...

It seems the roles of clothing in my life have turned.  I was once always in need of pants.  I could never seem to find any that fit right.  It was a tiresome process... so, I often found myself leaving a store with many tops.  Now, it seems I have all sorts of pants and not a single top to wear with them.  SO FRUSTRATING!  It really bugs me.  So, I happened over to the website of one of my favorite stores.  Let's not kid ourselves here... I'm a big girl on a small budget.  I'm not afraid to admit that I LOVE Maurices!  Here are some of my favorite finds.  Best believe I'm buying one, if not all, of these when I get paid!

 Scroll Print Jewel Embellished Lace Back Tank, $32
Sequin Front Tank, $32

Foiled Tribal Print Burnout Tank, $28

Cinched Striped Top with Rosettes, $30

 Belted Smock Waist 2Fer, $36

And because I'm always looking for that perfect dress... I really want to try this one of for size!
Sequin Waist Dress with Hike Up Hem, $59

All these and many more can be found at
(and no, I get no gifts from these people.  I just enjoy sharing what I like.)

Irregular Style

Here are a few of my current style LOVES!  All three of these are from!  Not sure when exactly I found Irregular Choice, but I do know that it was love at first sight. 

Above: Flick Flack, $129.00 at the Irregular Choice Online Shop
Above: Flick Flack Kettle Bag, $118.00 at Irregular Choice Online Shop

Above: Ayesha, $30.00 at Irregular Choice Online Shop


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Welcome to the World, Michael Alig

So... recently (as in 15 minutes ago) I stumbled across this gem of a video!  Posted a mere 22 hours ago! I love it so much. Watch. Enjoy.  Go subscribe to 5ninthavenueproject on youtube!  I love them... so prepare for many shared videos from them.


So... last week I started WORDS OF GLAMOUR on my Facebook page.  Now, I'm moving it over to my blog (though I may keep it on FB until my glamourpusses start hitting up this blog.  Last week's WORDS OF GLAMOUR star was:

with quotes such as:

"It was sleazy, Ernie, because you were a crack addict. You got Clara addicted to crack. That was sleazy." -James St. James
"How can I be your best friend when I don't even LIKE you?" -James St. James via Party Monster
"I sleep with knives all around me in case serial killers come in." -James St. James
"You are a legend. You are god. You're the reason we still exist." -Matthew Lush to James St. James

Well, Sunday started a new week... so here's what you've missed on WORDS OF GLAMOUR!

"By the end of the week, if I'm still alive, I get to write whatever I want about it."
"For better or worse, I've always tried to march to my own drum and tell it like it is, while perserving some integrity and style. God, I'm fabulous!"
"Fashion can be gross."

This one has been a little tougher than last week's so tonight I've included a picture hint.

This is the hand of Week 2's GLAMOURPUSS!  Guessing starts immediately! No cheating!  GO!

Forever My Inspiration

The Moffatts will forever and always be my inspiration.  Though the boys went their own way long ago, I still follow their individual projects.  They are such talented musicians.  Here's a little reminder of their work. Go there.  Enjoy!

Back Track

We're going to take a look back at my Independence Day celebration.  I hopped into a car around 11am that morning with 2 of my very dear friends, Taby St. Taby and Leo.  We made the 5 hour drive to Nashville.  You see, a few weeks before that I had won tickets on Facebook to see Superstar DJ Keoki there!  AHHHHHHHHHH!!!  So, we arrived in Nashville, checked into our hotel, relaxed for a bit, and got ready to go PARTY!  And let me tell you... party is exactly what we did!  There were many many DJs at this event and club freaks of all kinds.  Fireworks and glow sticks and candy ravers EVERYWHERE!  I'll tell you one thing... Sonny G can throw an amazing party! 

That pic is of Taby and I talking to Sonny.  He is a character!  LOVE HIM!  Oh... and he can grill some tasty BBQ chicken.  That's for damn sure!  Anyway... hours passed, drinks were had, and apparently I look like an ecstasy dealer with my glitter fedora and rainbow firework shirt.  Not kidding!  I must have been approached to help people find their friend, Molly, about 10 times that day.  Nope, no E here kiddies!  Just a lady with her friend Jack in hand... Run along!  Well, finally it was time for Keoki's set... and I LOST MY MIND in his music for one fabulous hour.  Did I mention he looks like he hasn't aged a day?!  Proof is right here if you don't believe me.

Just LOOK at him!  I've never been so thrilled, so lost in music as I was that night... well, except for when I'm working on my musical... but that's a horse of a different color.  Taby was his energy for the night.  He said so himself. 

I made a new friend... his name is Evan and I love him to pieces.  We're glitter friends!  It was a blast.  We danced and danced!  After his set was over we all head "backstage" if you could call it that and met the man himself.  Here's Keoki, Taby, Evan and myself:

Oh... and he's one of the nicest people I've ever met.  No lie!  Very gracious, very happy to meet his fans... overall genuine... and GLAMOROUS!!   This was an early birthday celebration for myself... and no, my birthday has not passed.  It was a very early celebration... but well worth it!

James St. James

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome

Welcome to my blog.  Who am I?  I'm Sassy Sarah... sort of a female Richie Rich, if you will.  No, not the cartoon character, the former club kid turned designer.  I'm a little bit of everything: actor, singer, club freak, designer, writer... you get the idea. 

I'm starting this blog to share some of my favorite things.  Some of which may blow your mind.  All of which have a certain level of sass, a certain level of glamour, a certain level of glitter!  Let's get started!