Friday, April 26, 2013

Don't Judge Me (Idea)

So... this post is about to get completely off-topic from what I have been discussing, but hey... this is my life.

I've found that I use the phrase "don't judge me" a lot. I'm not talking about using it occasionally. I'm talking about saying it about everything. Here are some examples.

  1.  I posted a no makeup selfie on Instragram yesterday. I hashtagged that shit. Seriously, #dontjudgeme. It's a real thing when I'm around.
  2. I grabbed a Coke instead a water a few days ago at work. I turned to a coworker and quickly said, "Don't judge me."
  3. I watched Grey's Anatomy today and tweeted about it. Just to use #dontjudgeme AGAIN!
Now... these are just three examples of when I've done it, but it happens all the time. Well, all this repetition has me thinking, "That's a really good blog idea." Hear me out...

I am probably my harshest critic. Honestly, nothing I do is good enough to me. I judge myself daily. In theatre (where you are the product you are trying to sell), it is so easy to judge yourself based on those around you. It's also easy to understand that you are going to be judged.

So.. here's my thought... starting in May, I am going to open up Don't Judge Me, Bitch. Everyday, I am going to attempt to do two post. One will be a personal critic. I will judge myself. The other will be me judging something ridiculous about someone else. I may know them. They may be a celebrity. Who knows?

I just want to entertain everyone while still making a point that we shouldn't judge one another because most of the time it is over something RIDICULOUS! I think it'll be fun. I hope everyone is ready to learn about my insecurities.

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