Saturday, April 13, 2013

Walking and Grocery Shopping...

This morning I went for a nice walk at ETSU's Fitness Trail with You Know, Jon. The trail is 0.64mi. We did 3 laps, which was nothing for Jon, and honestly, I probably could've done another myself. 3 laps times 0.64mi = 1.92 miles, for anyone who was wondering. Yes, I almost walked 2 miles this morning. We call this progress!

After our walk, we went to Earth Fare for lunch. I must say that I do love a good salad bar. I even got a take-out container of some tofu, mushroom, and bok choy stir fry and rice to dinner. (Side note: I just finished it, and it was awesome!)

After Jon dropped me back off at my apartment, I cleaned out the refigerator to make room for the all new groceries I had to go buy today.

I've gotten so tired of eating starches and starches and even more starches. Spaghetti, lasagna, homemade bread, macaroni and cheese... UGH! There wasn't a single vegetable in this place. Well, if there were they needed to me thrown out. So, that's exactly what I did!

With a cleaned out refrigerator, it was off the the grocery store. Today's choice was Ingles. 2013 is their 50th anniversary. They run different 50% off sales every week among many other awesome deals. So, I walked into Ingles, and IMMEDIATELY upon entering the door and getting my shopping cart (aka buggy, in the South. I will probably end up using both interchangably.) a young man who works there asked me if I would like a piece of cake. CAKE!! The worst part... it wasn't chocolate either. (There will probably be a post in the future about my hatred of chocolate, especially chocolate cake.) It was white cake, whipped cream icing... EVERYTHING I LOVE IN A CAKE! BUT... do you know what I said? "No, thank you." That's right! I said, "No, thank you." I TURNED DOWN CAKE! Please excuse me while I do my happy I turned down cake dance.

Anyway... I politely passed by Mr. Cake Man and headed towards the produce. Boy! Do I love a good produce sections. Believe it or not, Ingles actually carries a lot of organic produce as well, and it isn't that expensive. However, crazy Sarah forgot to make a meal plan for the week. (I usually do that when I'm trying to watch what I eat, but since I hadn't planned on switching over to healthier foods yet, I hadn't thought to do it.) I just stood there staring at the produce for what felt like 10 minutes, thinking about what I could buy, what I could make with it, blah blah blah. I ended up just grabbing a head of broccoli, an english cucumber, some baby carrots, spinach, bananas, and a bag of apples. Basically, I didn't know what I could cook, but I definitely knew the flavors I LOVED to juice! So, I'll probably be intaking most of my veggies and fruits through juice this week. Maybe next time I'll be more prepared.

I headed around the rest of the store picking out staples like milk, whole wheat bread, and peanut butter. (We currently have eggs so they weren't necessary.) I bought some other things as well, but they really aren't relevent to this story... whatever this story may be. I hopped over to the seafood department. I LOVE SEAFOOD! Fish, shrimp, crab, lobster, scallops, etc. You name it. I eat it, except for mussels because REALLY who likes their seafood black?! I picked up a talapia fillet and some stuffed flounder. That's 3 servings of fish for the week. My roommate won't eat it so the 2 servings of stuffed flounder in the pack are both mine! Then, I get to the freezer aisle. Oh no! We have a very tiny freezer that my roommate likes to pack with all sorts of things that shouldn't necessarily be frozen... EVER! But, I went into the freezer section anyway. I got an assortment of frozen veggies. They'll be gone fairly quickly, especially the mustard greens. This southern girl LOVES her mustard greens. I'm already picturing it... panko crusted talapia, mustard greens, and corn. Don't tell me you aren't jealous! Anyway... I even picked up some organic spinach and cheese ravioli. Mixed with some cooked spinach and vodka sauce. That's gonna be awesome. The most puzzling purchase of all, however.... the MorningStar mini corn dogs. YES! YES, I DID! I think I've been around my vegetarian friends too long. I think their crazy anticts are rubbing off on me. Last but not least, I bought some greek yogurt (vanilla's my favorite) and some ZICO pineapple flavored coconut water. I hadn't been able to find ZICO brand ANYWHERE down here. I was very pleased.

Today's total grocery damage... a little over $115. That actually isn't bad. I usually spend anywhere from $130-150. I think the kicker was that I bought food that will ACTUALLY fill me up. Oh, and I didn't worry about what my roommate would want. I was only feeding myself.

But did you notice the really amazing thing? Did you? I'm not sure if you did so I'll tell you.

Everything I bought fits into a pescetarian diet. That's right, kids. I've talked about it. I've researched. I've blah, blah, blahed about it until I just did it. Ok... so I had a tiny bit of chicken salad today at lunch, but starting today at 2:49pm when I got home from the grocery store. I had decided to be pescetarian.

This life of mine of awfully crazy.

Until next time...

Keep It Sassy,


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