Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bedtime Ritual

I'm starting a new ritual, and by starting, I mean I've been doing this the past few nights. It's something that helps remind me why I'm doing this every single night. It also keeps me from grabbing some unhealthy late night snack.

Every night when I'm trying to wind down from the day I make a cup of "Sleepytime" tea. If you've never had it, it is AMAZING! I put just a touch of organic honey in it. It calms me down and gets me ready for sleep.

Then, I watch weight loss motivational videos. They are the main reminder that "I can do this." Other people have accomplished their fitness goals or are well on their way, and I am not alone. I enjoy hearing what other people have to say to encourage and motivate me. Granted I know it's not personally for me, but it's encouraging all the same.

Have a nice night! I'll probably have another post tomorrow.

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